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Tourism: an integrated platform for tourism development


Acting on the proposal of Tourism Department Head Mr Luigi Crisponi, the Regional Executive has approved the creation of an IT platform (Destination Management Organization - DMO) to pool together all private and public players involved in the management of Sardinia’s tourism offer. The purpose is twofold: promote the offer of tourist services and market Sardinia as a tourist destination.

Tour operators will be able to enter and manage their services via a range of media (web, smartphone apps, "infoterminals" and others). Through the DMO a database will be set up, designed with a view to integrated tourist offer, presented via a range of media. The data collected will be used and managed via the Sardegna Turismo portal.

Implementation of the DMS is in line with the European Commission’s Service Charter for the period 2014-2020, which gives funding priority to projects involving technology transfer and innovative management models able to promote SME competitiveness in high-growth sectors such as tourism.