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The Region’s Tourism Department promotes and supports the development of tourism, the craft sector and trade. It comprises five main services, which, in addition to other institutional activities, pursue the following tasks:

General Affairs Service: it manages the Public Relations Office (URP) and the record office.

Service for tourist industry development and regulation: it coordinates the development of the offer of tourism services, artistic handicrafts and commercial services. It keeps the relevant professional registers and oversees tourist and consumer protection, and coordinates the Region’s trade fair calendar. It also handles financing to local tourist consortia, to the “natural retail centres” i.e. the traditional high-street shopping areas and to high tourism-impact events.

Business Support Service: it handles the disbursement of subsidies to tourism, craft and retail businesses, and apprenticeship and recruitment incentive schemes.

SITAC Service (Tourism, Craft and Retail Information System): it manages and updates the portals of the Department, and collects tourist flow data both at accommodation facilities and at ports of entry.

National and EU Project Management Service: it drafts project proposals for national and EU calls (Interregional, national FAS funds, Cross-border programmes, ERDF).


Detailed Organisational Chart of the Department of Tourism, Craft and Trade



The Region of Sardinia has launched a communication campaign in several European countries: the UK, France, Germany and Russia.


The Tourism Department has published the list of candidates eligible to take the examination for environmental tour guide.



On 15 May 2013, at 11:00 am, in Olbia, at the premises of the Degree Course in "Tourism Economy and Management" (c/o the airport), the written test of the qualifying examination for Travel and Tourism Agency Technical Manager will be held.